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CarpReikiCommunity uses the Usui Reiki techniques, and follows the teachings of Canadian Reiki Healing Centre (Lynn Goddard, Bev Hille, Lindsay McGee), Diane Stein, William Lee Rand (, and is an associate member at      And

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2018 Winter Schedule

CarpReikiCommunity Schedule January 2018

Happy New Year from CarpReikiCommunity

Happy New Year Greeting: May your past lessons and your future plans align to grant great Joy to your today.

CRC has taken December 2017 and January 2018 as a hiatus for Inner Work and to refill the well.  Many of you have spoken to me about what you like about what we are doing and our direction, and you have also spoken to me about what you would like to see us doing as we head into 2018.

CRC is still offering classes, Open Practice nights, Share and Speaker nights, and we are still holding Monday evenings at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre from 7-9pm (with gratitude to CREWC) (though we are not limited to Monday nights only).

The change inspired from conversations with members of the CRC Circle is that when you want a class, or a Share, or a Practice, or you have a suggestion for a Share speaker, simply contact us at  and we will make it happen according to your needs and wishes.

Monthly emailed Schedule updates will be replaced by posting on facebook (Sylvia McGee) and on our website           If something is advertised and you would like to attend, simply email and we will add you to the list.     The thought here is to save your Inbox space.   If you would like to continue to receive mail outs, please email me and I shall make up a new list.

I am in the process of scheduling a Reiki1 class this winter, soon.  Care to join us?  Sign up for your first Reiki1 class?  Check details about Reiki1 at CRC on our Classes page.  Come back for a refresher and meet new members of our Circle?

And we have a suggestion for a Share night in February.  Likely first Monday of the month.  Watch for detail updates here on the website.   Join us?

Love to hear from you regarding the above suggestions.  Like it?  Wish we would …?

Am in the midst of updating details and information on our website.  Love to hear what you think.

Thank you for being such an important member of our CRC Circle.                  Light and Love,      sylvia

PS – please don’t leave comments on this website … just cannot keep up to the spam and don’t know how to delete “leave a comment” button!  Just email me at

Thank you, Jean Wilmot and Dave Teed at

Dave Teed & Jean Wilmot: Relational Clearing Healing Evening

Schedule Update November 2017 – January 2018

Thank you, RJ

Thank you, RJ, for Sharing with us at November Share. Your Journey work is powerful, evocative, and leaves us filled with thoughts of perspective, revelation and realisation.



CRC Share: Your Reiki Guides with RJ Partington November 6, 2017

Updated CRC Schedule October – December 2017

ShareNight Faye Healey October 2, 2017 7pm