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Welcome to first CarpReikiCommunity Share Night

Sylvia Melba Christie McGee

CarpReikiCommunity Share Night

Join us … 7pm, Monday, October 5, 2015
2386 Thomas Dolan Pkwy
Carp K0A1L0

Welcome to our first CRC Share Night.
We invite
-All who are curious and interested in sharing Energy and Knowledge
-Reiki Practitioners, Teachers

Please register your attendance so we can plan numbers…


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Welcome 😉
(Breathe in … Breathe out)
When sharing information that is important to make clear, my notes are before me. So strong is my desire to help you feel welcomed into joining in the knowledge, that sometimes I read the notes. Simply know, when you see me reading what my ReikiGuides directed me to tell you, that you and this topic are acknowledged as important to us both.

And so, to begin:
Hi…when I speak, people generally want to know
-who I am
-what am I doing
-why am I doing this
-what is their part in this
1. Who am I:
Yes, there is an i in Reiki, two of them in fact. My ReikiGuides brought me to this place, and they direct me to tell a little of my story, to engage you in your own Reiki journey.
I am Sylvia Melba Christie McGee
-Originator and Coordinator of CarpReikiCommunity
-Energy worker / Reiki Master trained in Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3, Master
-storyteller & writer (posting at my blogsite called The springboard thought on the blog is “A Story Shared is a Journey Enlightened”)
-retired member of Ontario College of Teachers (retired after 37 years of teaching students, specializing in grades 7&8) -basically teaching since age 12, Sunday School classes
-community volunteer and activist
-Looking to share life’s stories, giving and receiving information and enlightenment

In my youth, I was, let us say, highly energized (hyperactive, hair on fire, taking up all the oxygen in the room, ready to gogogo in the moment.)
And I could feel / hear / see things (colours around people for instance) that other people did not see or understand, so I began to purposely stop seeing and hearing and feeling, to avoid humiliation, punishment, uncertainty. I was taught that it was hogwash, rude, silly, made me look like a fool.

And then Canadian Reiki Healing Centre came to Carp, teaching about the Energy and colours and tones and messages from beyond and from within the physical world, about accessing that Energy for the purpose of doing The Greater Good. And I realised that those who punished me and pushed me to eschew my Energies were simply ignorant or unknowing or uninformed, and perhaps fearful.
And I learned that anyone could learn to do this.
And I learned that there are a lot of people like me.

Reiki came into my life in the 1990s, and it has helped me heal myself, teach others to heal themselves, opened my eyes to the wonder and the possibilities all around, and it has taught me to listen when I first get a message rather than waiting until it is amplified leaving me with life threatening dis-ease.
2. What am I doing?
The Energy and my Reiki Guides are now telling me to make a place where anyone can come and learn and share, where no obstacle is placed in front of anyone who wishes to learn, to join. At CarpReikiCommunity, one need only ask.

Though CarpReikiCommunity is, by name, heavily rooted in Energy work and Reiki, there are many ways to connect with and share the Universal Energy all around us.
Though it is assigned many names and titles, this Energy (called Qi or Ki by some) is everywhere, in us, around us, controlled by none and available to all. Energy belongs to the world, not just a few.

CarpReikiCommunity is grateful to Katherine Willow for allowing us to meet here at her beautiful home for the purpose of Sharing:
-Reiki: Reiki study, Reiki sessions
Also for the purpose of Sharing:
-Enlightenments, ideas, methods that have come to you
-questions and questings

You can signup to receive newsletter-type releases of information with details about the wheres, and the whens, and the whos, and the whats:
We also have a blogsite:

If your Quest is to study Reiki, you are invited to contact me and we will arrange the class.

And you are invited to come to our ShareNights, to receive, to tell your own stories about your experiences, here at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre Meditation Room, on the first Monday of the month.
Our first Share will be on Monday, October 5 at 7pm Watch for the next posting on for details.

So, let’s talk about Reiki, about Energy.
Energy is all around us, inside us, created by us, used by us, shared amongst us…
-the ground we stand on
-the food we eat
-earth, air, fire, water
-sharing stories

Some people see Qi / Energy (colours, lights…)
-some feel it (like a grinding, throat-clearing, heat or cold)
-some hear tones or sighs or word messages…
Some people just know it is there … a presence.

Most important is to accept, as a leap of faith, that it is there. Let it happen, without fear, without doubt … Trust.

When not well, I scoop the Energy up and bring it down into me, through to each chakra, each organ, each memory, each hurt, each dis-ease, visualizing it, asking the Energy to help me.
And when the session is completed, I give thanks, accepting that it is done, grounding myself again, and keeping the channels open to further receive.
Then share that Energy with the earth, with all things living and non-living.
See the Energy everywhere.
Smile at and with the Energy, acknowledging it, welcoming it.
This technique has seen me through dis-ease, cancer, devastating surgeries, procedures, scans & tests, through deep grinding pain to the other side, through clinical depression … to GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) … to knowledge … to healing.

I have shared and taught Reiki to others.

It must be noted that there are other Energy methods: TT or Therapeutic Touch for one.
Like Reiki, it is necessary to study and train and be acknowledged into the TT method. Qigong is another method of channeling Qi.

My most-used mantra in this work:
Breathe in
Accept (acknowledge the dis-ease, accept the Energy, feel it working…)
Breathe out
Release (thank the Energy for bringing the lesson or enlightenment to me,
-then release the dis-ease to ground where it will be neutralised.
-Share the Energy with any who may be hovering, in need, for The Greater Good.)

Some Qi exercises that you can do anywhere, any time:
1. -circle Energy share
2. -scoop up and pour down Energy
3. -adrenal loop
3. Why am I doing this?
My Guides have told me that Reiki and Energy/Qi belong to everyone and everything. And must be freely shared with all who ask, who are questing, who are in need.
4. What is your part in this?
Thank you for joining in today’s sharing.

Check into our blogsite for postings and Sharings
or contact me at

Contact me if you would like to study Reiki and to be attuned to the knowledge and methods.

Come join us in questing, at our Share nights.
-We hope to see you at our first Share night
on Monday, October 5, 7pm
right here in the Meditation Room at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre ( 2386 Thomas A. Dolan Parkway, Ottawa (Carp) ON )

Please register, make an attendance commitment by Wednesday, September 30 via email.
Would you like to bring newfound or longstanding knowledge to share with us? That would be very welcome, too.
Sharing is a two-way, sending and receiving experience.

Sylvia Melba Christie McGee
(CarpReikiCommunity founder and coordinator)