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CarpReikiCommunity Activities: May 2016

CRC May 2016

Share Speaker: Thank you, RJ

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CarpReikiCommunity says thank you to RJ Partington for speaking at our Share this month.

We learned that Shamanism has a long history, and that Shamanism is culturally unique depending of origin of the practice.
Our individuial education in Shamanism gives us our own understanding of what we accept as our own practice.
Meeting our own animal totem is a multi-facetted experience with many layers to the experience. Our animal totem can change over time, usually after a shock or trauma or life change.
On our guided Journey, we went to a place of our own choosing, a place where our question will find answers and guidance.

RJ, we have much appreciation for your guidance at our Share. We hope our Paths can cross again for another Journey together.
Thank you for Sharing your expertise and Energy, RJ.
ReikiMummaSylvia at CarpReikiCommunity