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Thank You, Lisa Kopil; Prep for January Share “Questing Journey Work” with RJ Partington; CRC Schedule


Thank you, Lisa Kopil for your presentation “Develop the Skills to Deal with Stress: Tapping Technique”  at Share Night on Monday, November 7.

Lisa’s dynamic presentation style, her enthusiasm for her topic, her considerable Energy all contributed to an evening of new ideas and possibilities.    Lisa is presently giving classes at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, and she plans to restart the program again from the beginning in the New Year.

Light and Love and Blessings, Lisa.

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“Enriching Me and My Reiki Community” conference: Sunday, November 6 at St. Paul’s University.  Many enlightening speakers and discussions.

Preparation for January 9 Share at CarpReikiCommunity:

Questing Journey Work with RJ Partington

During the Shamanic Share in January we will be going on a Questing Journey to Upper World. This means, with your Sprit Guide, you will seek out higher beings who may answer a question for you. Want to know the secrets of the universe? Not likely. Want a winning lottery number? This isn’t for you. Want to know how to be happy? There’s something which might get an answer. The trick is the question. Don’t ask a simple yes/no question. You’ll get a yes or a no, no explanation or other extrapolation. Don’t ask an overly complex question about physics, chemistry, or other areas where you yourself have no experience. The answer you receive will most likely be in metaphor and only understood after introspection. If you don’t happen to have a firm grounding in physics being told the equation for faster than light travel is the beating of a hummingbird’s wings, won’t help you. Questions which start with How or Why tend to be more successful: open ended, non-specific. How can I by happy? Why don’t I like to be alone? Another tip: don’t ask about the future. Higher beings are not gypsies who tell you fate by the stars. Everybody ever born has the same fate: we die. Knowing what happens in between won’t help you avoid that fate, so higher beings who may or may not have been through the process, tend to get a little peeved about people asking what the future holds. Think of a question you want answered on your journey. We won’t need to know the question until afterward when we discuss the results, should you choose to share.

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