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Spring 2017 Schedule for CarpReikiCommunity


Thank you, Katherine Joy Willow and Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre

CarpReikiCommunity is grateful to Katherine and to CREWC who continue to be our hosts and our Location Coordinator.                                                                             Namaste                                                                                                        CarpReikiCommunity


World Peace Card Meditation site

Reaching out for World Peace….

Welcome Aboard, Susie Loranger and RJ Partington

CarpReikiCommunity has been blessed with Volunteers Susie, and RJ.

RJ will be our Coordinator with our ShareNight Speakers.                                           Susie will be our Teaching Assistant  to ReikiMummaSylvia for Reiki4Kids and for Reiki1 classes.

Both Susie and RJ can be contacted at

With Gratitude.

Namaste  🙏                                                                                               ReikiMummaSylvia, CarpReikiCommunity Coordinator & Founder