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June 5, 2017 Share Night with Karen Osborne; May 29, 2017 Open Practice with RJ and Susie

Hello CarpReikiCommunity,
With regret, we must postpone our June Share Night with speaker Nadine LaBelle.   Nadine is needed at home.
We shall reschedule as soon as Nadine is available.

CarpReikiCommunity is grateful and Energized to learn that our June 5 Share Speaker will be Karen Osborne.
“Crystals are medicine. Please join us with Karen Osborn ( to explore which crystals work with your chakras, which crystals can help with common ailments such as arthritis, and which crystals can be used in energy work. Karen offers a variety of healing services, from Basic needs to Soul Recovery using the power of crystals and learned skills.”

Please, as soon as you can this week, register your intention to join Karen Osborne and CarpReikiCommunity for our ShareNight on Monday, June 5, 7-9pm, at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre Learning Centre (2386 Thomas Dolan Parkway).

Please also email if you Intend to attend the Open Practice with RJ and Susie on Monday May 29, 7-9pm at CREWC

Light and Love,
Sylvia McGee    (CarpReikiCommunity Founder and Coordinator, Reiki Master and Teacher)

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