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What People are Saying about CarpReikiCommunity

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What were your expectations?

-To learn, connect with like-hearted humans.                                                                 -To be more positive and see new possibilities, help to heal people and myself physically and emotionally.                                                                                                 -To get and receive Reiki – practice.                                                                                    -I was just open to it.                                                                                                              -To be reminded of hand positions.                                                                                    -Aside from getting attuned, I wanted to connect more with my Reiki family … Both were achieved.                                                                                                              -Learn how to give a Reiki treatment to myself and to another person.                     -Receive the attunement.                                                                                                     -To be attuned to Reiki 1.  To enjoy our lovely group energy & your nurturing, supportive teaching.

What was your most favourite part?

-The mystical experience of being attuned into Reiki.  Sharing Reiki.  Practice.       -The attunement and sharing of how we see Reiki.                                                        -The energies of everyone – the collective energy – I feel like we’re a community of peace and calm.                                                                                                                  -Giving energy for the first time.                                                                                         -Giving Reiki.                                                                                                                           -When asked what we wanted “just for today” – really helped me connect with my journey.                                                                                                                                      -Practicing on another person.                                                                                            -The actual attunement.

Your least favourite part?

-Not knowing if I am thinking about it the right way and focusing hard enough.     -That it ended.                                                                                                                        -Nothing – it was all good.                                                                                                    -I loved it all.                                                                                                                            -Having to move after having the demo treatment  😉    Felt knocked out.

Other Comments?

-The energy of the different groups was great to experience.                                                -I’m very happy to have started this.  I would like to open a healing centre to vets and 1st responders and others in need to heal with animals.  Tonight I got inspiration knowing that animals can become healers through Reiki.                       -Super.                                                                                                                                       -As usual, I really felt the energy tonight.  Sylvia, you’ve got great energy.                -All activities ran smoothly, progressively in a natural evolution.   Thank you! Namaste Sylvia!                                                                                                                             -Delicious.  Healing.  Grateful!


Gathering … and a Community is Born

Writing Group is a great place to launch a piece of writing, a new idea, something different from everyone else’s work. They welcome, they listen, they support, they inspire and help me find clarity. They are the wind beneath my wings of storytelling, of allowing my visions to depart my head and land on my page.

While pursuing a dream, seeking to come full circle, I wrote about Reiki and Energies in a story for Writing Group, called “Route – a Third Third Perspective” posted on ( In this piece, I wrote about Reiki from a personal point of view: Energy experiences as a child; backburnering abilities (indeed killing some off to the point where I would have to Reiki the skill for some time before daring to dream that the ability would ever come back), all in the name of social acceptance and expectation.

First one then another and another until five from the Writing Group came to me and expressed an interest in learning more about Reiki. These are the most supportive and expressive people on the planet and in my circle. My Reiki senses were tingling.

Letting an idea sit for a period of time is a method that has worked well for me, at home,
at work teaching 13 year olds, in difficult social interactions, and that is exactly what I did. The next week, at our after-Group coffee get together, someone brought up her interest again … Others overheard and joined in expressing their interest.

I had been working on a blog / website for the CarpReikiCommunity, grabbing an email address with the same name, wording up possible setup for the blog, planning a Launch, managing an invitation to speak to Introduce Reiki at a local event; many details were swirling, and only a few alighted to meld into a possible script.
And I began to wonder how I would find the words to help my Writing Group friends understand Reiki from their first baby steps into this realm.

First was a go-round of emails and Reply-Alls about day preference, time preference, directions to the presentation location. Coordinating six schedules for six busy committed-elsewhere people is always fascinating and a way to get to know something about each individual. Home renovations, helping family member or friend, volunteering, work, rescuing animals, appointments … all of these demonstrated the Energies of the individuals. And our Energies began to blend even before we had found the single day so the group could be together on this journey. Though at one point I was certain that we would need to split into two groups, we succeeded in determining a single day and time. Adding to the auspicious regard for the occasion was the fact that it was the day after Lughnasadh, and the day of the Full Moon (Grain Moon). That’s some awe-inspiring Energy.

We came together on the appointed date and time, made social chitchat, found a place to sit. Everyone was smiling, interacting, settling in. When I began to speak, the Energy of the collective focused immediately, wending its way in and out and through the Energies of each other, bonding together.
We passed an evening of enlightenment and Energy and joining together and sharing.

And it was in the spaces between all these decisions and Energies that I tingled with the realisation that my Reiki Introduction was born. And the CarpReikiCommunity was born. And was born.

The birth of a collective, a community, any birth really, is a thing of beauty. And a first birth holds its own special presence.
Behold, a Community is Born. Welcome to CarpReikiCommunity.

Namaste.                                                                                                                       Happy Trails.                                                                                                                           s