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Sylvia Christie McGee
Reiki Master (Usui Method)

CarpReikiCommunity: making Reiki available to all.        Request / Permission first …
Reiki is a simple yet powerful laying on of hands touch healing method using Reiki Energy, for which one must be trained, and to which one must be Attuned.
There is no Ego in Reiki.             Time for Inner Work is required to master Reiki.

Reiki Classes:      When I ask the Reiki4Kids students why they want to learn Reiki, they tell me that they want to be a Helper, to help people.    Why do you want to learn Reiki?

CarpReikiCommunity is just that, a Community.

If you simply want to train, to take classes, receive your Attunement, then follow your own path,   then the prices listed in the course descriptions below are for you.  And, of course, you are welcome to continue attending all CRC events

Looking forward to Learning and and Sharing together.

Available: Reiki Master Sylvia’s Speaking Notes $30, payable before delivery

Reiki4Kids at CarpReikiCommunity:    image

In this workshop the children will get in touch with subtle energy and learn simple methods of using Reiki. This course is designed to be fun and interesting for children who have an awareness of their energetic being and would like to spend time in a nurturing, supportive atmosphere which allows them to explore their innate potential. Children have a natural awareness of healing energy and can often see it. They are very close to the flow of life. It is easy for them to learn Reiki. In this class we honour their unique perspectives and present Reiki in a way they can understand.

– REIKI ATTUNEMENT (IF the child wishes to be Attuned)

Requirements for Reiki4Kids:
Registration form and payment 2 weeks prior to class
Cost $30   (includes CarpReikiCommunity Reiki4Kids Certificate; Reiki Kids workbook, all craft materials and supplies)
-Attend all classes (1 day or 6 hours)
-Attend 2 Practices

Reiki Level 1 (Reiki1)          – On request.
Treating physical level dis-eases, primarily for self-treatment.
Reiki1 practitioner focuses on channeling Reiki energy for treating self, physical dis-ease. The practitioner is a channel who places their hands for Reiki energy to flow (Direct Treatment).
After Reiki1 Attunement, it is best to commit to doing daily self treatment for the first month. At CarpReikiCommunity, we gather at Open Practice to share and practice our skills.
Requirements for Reiki1:
Registration form and payment received 3 weeks prior to class preferably
-Cost: $100, Commitment to Reiki Energy and to exchange of energies
-Attend all class nights (2 X 2 hour classes) -Attend Open Practices (2 X 2 hour practices)
-daily self-Reiki practice and continue Inner Work
The Reiki1 student is encouraged to purchase Essential Reiki by Diane Stein

Reiki Level 2 (Reiki2)           – On request
Reiki2 practitioner learns to channel Reiki energy to someone else. The class and Attunement increase in ability to channel energy, and adds focus on emotional, mental treatment (Direct Treatment).
It also teaches methods for treating someone not physically present (Distance Treatment).
The student’s InnerWork extends their commitment to personal physical healing; as well it requires InnerWork on personal emotional and mental healing.
Pre-requisite: presentation of Reiki1 certificate
Requirements for Reiki2:
Registration and payment 3+ weeks prior to first class
–Cost $350 (includes text by William Lee Rand provided by teacher ReikiMasterSylvia)
-Attend all classes (2 X 2 hour classes) -Attend all practices (2 X 2 hour practices)
-continue regular Self Treatments and Inner Work

Reiki Level 3 (Reiki3 / Advanced)      -On request
Reiki3 / Advanced practitioner learns about spiritual energy and adds focus on spiritual healing. This spiritual energy is a connection with pure joy, connection with Spirit, and a oneness with all. The practitioner will experience higher energy and an increase in ability to channel healing energy, and requires Inner Work on spiritual healing.
Reiki3 / Advanced is intended for the serious healer, for those who wish to make Reiki a serious part of their own lives, and who offer Reiki to others.
Pre-requisite: presentation of Reiki2 certificate.
Requirements for Reiki3:
Registration and payment 3+ weeks prior to the first class
-Cost $550 (includes text Advanced Reiki Training by William Lee Rand, provided by teacher Sylvia)
-Attend all classes (2 classes) -Attend all practices (3 practices)
-continue regular Self Treatment and Inner Work

Reiki Master.    -On request
There is no ego in Reiki.
This class is the teaching and Attuning degree. In this time, the student will learn to pass Attunements, to develop their own teaching manuals, to teach their Reiki1 class to someone outside CarpReikiCommunity, to set up their own Reiki Practice.    Inner work is a must at the Master Level; time will be spent examining this and sharing with Master and classmates answers sought and found.
Registration and payment 3+weeks prior to the first class
Cost $750 (includes text Reiki Master Manual by William Lee Rand, provided by teacher Sylvia)
-Attend all classes (2 X 2 hour classes)
-Attend all practices (15+ hours)     Collaborative determination of practice schedule.                                                                                                                                  -continue regular Self Treatment and Inner Work

Registration Details and Questions:
-contact Sylvia Christie McGee, Reiki Master, CarpReikiCommunity Founder and Director and Teacher)

Registration includes                                                                                                            -sending your intention to attend,                                                                                      -registration form,                                                                                                                 -payment -cash or e-transfer