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Dave Teed and Jean Wilmot   Relational Clearing CRC Share night

Share Nights: 2016  –  2017

November, 2016:     Links to Lisa Kopil:                                                                               Stress Management & Certified Life Coach – Giving you the skills to change your life by changing your mind!     613-622-7738

October, 2016:     Links to Karen Osborne:
Ascension Healing, Crystal Medicine, Pineridge Healing and Learning Centre
Tone Magazine: Ascension Healing
July 26, 2013 | By Lemmy
Full-time Crystal Shamanic Healing Practice: Crystal Healing, Soul Retrieval, Entity Extraction, Ancestral Healing, Space Clearing ▪ 2-year Certification Training Program in Crystal Shamanism ▪ Crystal Workshops ▪ Sacred Travel ▪ Crystal Store: Geodes, Crystals, Jewelry, Books, Shamanic Supplies. Karen Osborne:  613-798-2828


September 12 “Chakras”  Sylvia Melba Christie McGee                                                                       Speaking notes:

Share Nights 2015 –  2016

Lynne Jenkins RHN                                                                                                  CarpReikiCommunity Reiki Master Practitioner; CRC Treatments                          


Shawn Matheson                                                                                                                   CarpReikiCommunity Reiki Master Practitioner; CRC Treatments


Dave Teed and Jean Wilmot – Relational Clearing – Share at CRC June 2016                                                                                                 What is Relational Clearing?
The Relational Clearing Technique (RCT) is a new and powerful modality for quickly removing blockages and emotional heaviness. It clears connections in our relationships with others – current, past and ancestral and to traumatic events. The result is a rapidly restored you – the real you. A return to the physical, and emotional well being that is inherently within. The stress, pain and anxiety that these unhelpful patterns have created can then fall away.

Lynne Jenkins – doTERRA Essential Oils (June), Kundalini Yoga (January), Cancer Coaching (March) – Shares at CRC 2016                                                 

Marcin Padlewski ND – German New Medicine – Share at CRC May 2016       

RJ Partington – Shamanism – Share at CRC April 2016                     

Katherine Willow – Vision Questing – Share at CRC February 2016

Alun Goodger – Light Body – Share at CRC December 2015     

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