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CRC Schedule Updates

Bottom BannerCarpReikiCommunity@gmail.com                                                                            Sylvia Melba Christie McGee                                                                                           (Reiki Master / Teacher; CRC Founder & Coordinator)

CarpReikiCommunity November December 2015 Schedule

Monday, November 23, 7 – 9pm: Reiki Practice for CRC Reiki 1 graduates

Monday, December 7, 7 – 9pm Share:

HolyDays Break: Blessings & Joy to you and your loved ones.

Monday, January 4, 7 – 9pm Share:

Shares: Come join us and Share                                                                          Energy; Reiki; Questions and Questings; Answers that you have found that work for you; an Exchange of Energy …
We invite
-All who are curious and interested in sharing Energy and Knowledge
-all Reiki Practitioners, Teachers

Practices: Though our Practices are intended for CRC graduates to come and practice after they have been Attuned, if you are interested in joining us, please contact me.                                                                                                                    Please bring your yoga mat and a blanket.

Reiki classes at CarpReikiCommunity will resume in January.                    Please contact us to work out what Level you would like to take, and the details of the class.

Scheduled activities (above) take place at:
Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre                                                                        2386 Thomas Dolan Pkwy Carp ON K0A1L0

Pre-registration (24 hours or more) is required for all Activities

Other dates to note:
Wednesday, November 18:
World Peace Card Meditation 7:30pm http://www.reiki.org/wpcm.html
Wednesday, December 16:
World Peace Card Meditation 7:30pm http://www.reiki.org/wpcm.html





Sylvia Christie McGee                                                                                             Reiki Master (Usui Method)                                                            CarpReikiCommunity Founder, Director, Teacher

Join us to explore, share, learn.                                                                                 Learn about Universal Reiki Energy, access Reiki Energy, use Reiki Energy to help you and others and healing.
s (ReikiMummaSylvia)

CarpReikiCommunity uses the Usui Reiki techniques, and follows the teachings of Canadian Reiki Healing Centre (Lynn Goddard, Bev Hille, Lindsay McGee), Diane Stein, William Lee Rand (reiki.org), and is an associate member at

ReikiMembership.com      And      ReikiHealingAssociation.com

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